April 18, 2019

Practical Depth Gauge–IWC Aquatimer Deepsea III Diver Watch

As a diver watch, a hundred meters of water proof may not be good enough, but it could satisfy most divers’ needs, as long as you are not a parameter-addict. I prefer the case with a hundred meters of diving, because they can really do that. Some watches claim that they can reaches 100meter but you can even swim with it. 46mm IWC is by no means a medium size, but it gives a perfect feel when wearing it. The rubber belt for diving is amazingly good and the whole proportion is perfect. In the Aquatimer Deepsea III, IWC chooses titanium as the main material on the case. It has cool features that other Aquatimer has. SafeDive system is also stunning as it could quickly release the bezel.

As it has a big case, it would be quite easy to adjust the beel. Actually, adjusting the outer bezel is to move the inner chronograph bezel. Here the SafeDive system is cool and feels great when working on it. The left side of the case is designed to discharge the water. There is a spring that could sense the depth of water, and change it into the current depth. This system is dependent from the movement. So 30120 automatic movement is immune to water. With the depth gauge, Aquatimer Deepsea reaches 16.5mm.

Most divers take diver’s computer as their main tool and take a diving watch as an auxiliary tool. A luxurious watch is some kind of extravagant, and some high quality swiss replica watches even may never be applied to diving, but that might go against the original purpose, and you will never have opportunity to see how it works. The depth gauge performs only when diving, so just do it. And this IWC Aquatimer Deepsea III Diver Watch is surely a great choice for you for the warmer days diving activities.

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