June 19, 2017

Rolex Launched the New Cellini series in 2014

Cellini series is the watch series that was launched by Rolex in the 60s last century, and this name was originated from the Benuveto Cellini, who was the representative personage of Sculptor, art critics, sculpture style in the late of the 16th century in Italy. As the gold and silver craft, and influenced by Michelangelo, he started to make large sculpture. Cellini series was developed and designed to advocate the artistic design.

Rolex has 100 years of history, in the 70 s, during the quartz storm period, rolex also produced about 800,000 quartz watches, but not sold out, the rolex general manager of andrei heini faced in dilemma. After thought twice, andrei heini decided dealt with the 800,000 quartz watches in the following way: left 12 piece of watches according to production, and then destroyed the rest. And then had the auction for the 12 pieces of watches in the name of “rolex limited edition quartz watches”. Finally at auction in June 1972, the 12 pieces of limited edition of quartz watches under the rolex original brand effect, had the price of $1.3 million, hundreds of thousands of dollars higher than the total prices of the whole 800000 pieces of Rolex watches.

If you are to buy a noble and elegant and luxury Cellini watch, I will recommend the Rolex Cellini Time 50505 Swiss Automatic Watch Rose Gold Brown leather strap watch for you, which is featuring the black crocodile leather strap, Solid Case back, Fluted Bezel, Sapphire Crystal watch mirror, white dial with 18K Rose Gold Pointer and Hour Markers, watch size of 39mm in diameter and 6mm in thickness, 18K Rose Gold plated Stainless Steel case, Rose Gold plated 316L Stainless Steel Insignia Tang Buckle, waterproof depth of 100 meters. its gold material makes it look much more expensive than most of other brand watches.

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